Yep, it’s time to make your choice…which do you think is the best artist of all time.

Doesn’t matter what category, could be rock, country, pop, jazz, folk, bluegrass, ballad, heavy metal, blues, reggae, or whatever rocks yer boat.

The best most thought out comments will be added to this main post.

And, at some point, we’ll tally up who gets the most votes and list the top ten…maybe with a bio to go with it.

OH, by artist we include bands/groups, duets, and any other combination. 😀


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26 thoughts on “Who is Your Favorite ( music ) Artist of all Time?”
  1. Since Tazz is so generous, I have been allowed to change my vote to a whole BAND! In this case I choose Donna the Buffalo. Best band in the world!

  2. And me darlin’ @MarieLancup says

    @TheTAZZone Tough question! I love so many kinds of music depending on my mood…. but I guess it would be jazz – Ella Fitz & Sarah Vaughan

  3. OK, another one courtesy of my sweetheart @JaxLicurse

    @TheTAZZone OOOH love those Herman’s Hermits! My favorite all time I think would be Otis Redding…

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