Well…you really don’t have to…unless you want to ‘ drive ‘ traffic to your site…if you’re content to just let the search engines do the job for you you will eventually get picked up, and over time traffic will come on it’s own without any help…provided you are maintaining your site and regularly updating content.

But…if you want traffic, and you want it now, you have to advertise…there’s no way around this.

Promoting your site on your own using free services out there ( that we will discuss another time ) you can help generate some traffic…but even that has a cost…the cost of time…you can spend hours over days and even weeks or months using free traffic vehicles and still get only a spattering of traffic.

Advertising is really the only vehicle you have available that will generate decent traffic fast…how much traffic will highly depend upon how much you are willing to spend.

And more importantly…how smart you are in spending it.

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