Personally I am saddened every time I pass a empty park. Which unfortunately is every time I pass a park these days. There was a time when you couldn’t pass a park without seeing it teaming with people, I remember having to wait in line to get a chance to use a park. Parks were so popular that you had to wait for the game in play to end before you got a chance to set up your game.

Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring the parks were booming. And it wasn’t just sports either ( although it was mostly sports ) there were weddings, banquets, receptions, family reunions, friend get together’s, neighborhood get together’s, holiday celebrations, the list goes on. That’s why park’s had gazebo’s and BBQ pits. And if it was hot you headed off to the parks that had fountains to get cool.

Maybe it’s not true in other Cities, maybe there are some Cities where the parks are still booming. But definitely not the ones I’ve been in. The same can be said for the streets, there was a time you could hardly find a side street that wasn’t blocked by a game, or a block party. Have we completely lost touch with community? Sure you can blame kids these days, the internet, but it goes much deeper than that, because it wasn’t just kids using the parks, and it wasn’t kids always playing sports in the middle of the road and it certainly wasn’t kids having a block party on a side street.

We need to get back that community spirit, don’t ask me how because I don’t know, but maybe adults have to teach their kids by example and go have a game at a park and start a block party.

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