The age ole’ question. Why are we here? We like to think we’re here as part of a greater purpose, a grand design, to evolve and explore new worlds, to become like the Gods we imagine them to be, but what if none of that is true. What if we were put here for a much more practical reason. In his act George Carlin once said, as part of his social commentary comedy, ‘ Plastic ‘. And that might not be far off. It could be that the reason we are here is to create things that otherwise couldn’t be made without us. And plastic would be one of those things. Nature providing the tools and the ingredients, it just needed a species that would be intelligent enough to use them. And maybe, it’s more than that.

Maybe we are here to terraform the planet. Just like the Dinosaurs before us. Maybe along with creating things that could not otherwise exist without us, we are just the next step in terraforming the planet to get it ready for the next species to take over. It could be that simple.

Maybe, we have over-exaggerated our importance. But, it’s not entirely our fault, we were made this way. We were made to think of ourselves, like any animal, to be the most important species to exist. And because we have been able to do things no other species has achieved it only feeds that mentality. That being said, I have to agree with George Carlin, the answer to why are we here, may be a lot more practical than we ever imagined.

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