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Why are we here? The Answer

I’m a big George Carlin fan, I like him because, even though some jokes are just to make you laugh, some jokes make you think. Like when he pokes fun of the airlines calling a near collision a near miss. Obviously a near miss means you didn’t miss, you nearly missed, in other words you hit/collided. So airlines, and the media, should actually be reporting a near collision as a near hit, not as a near miss. Because they didn’t nearly miss each other, they nearly hit each other.

Now I don’t agree with everything he says, but then again I don’t agree with everything anyone says. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person that I’ve agreed with 100% of the time, and probably never will. But I do like comedy ( and I feel the exact same way about music ) that makes you think.

And whether intentionally or not, or knowingly or not, he probably answered the age old question ‘ Why are we here? ‘.

In one of his routines he talks about the save the planet people, and how ridiculous it is to think we are harming the planet in any way. We are harming our existence on the planet, and not the planet. The planet has been through much worse than man, and whether man continues on the planet or not the planet will recover and move forward. And in that comedy sketch he alludes that the reason we may be here is to make plastic.

Now think about that for a moment.

Even though it’s a joke, making fun of environmentalists, it may not be that far from the truth. Maybe that is the reason for our existence, to make the necessary changes and products that are needed for the next evolution of our species, or in the evolution of another species. Just like the Dinosaurs before us who contributed to our existence, oil is the first thing that comes to mind, maybe the creation of plastics ( as a euphemism for all changes we have created ) isn’t really that far off the map.

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