Mobile phones are pretty cool little devices when you really think about it, aren’t they? We all have one, we all use them on a daily basis and without them, many of us would feel lost. Essentially, they’re a necessity in today’s modern world.

In a developing world where technological advancements are enabling our mobile phones to do all kinds of things, we’re seeing an increase in different types of phones on the market and frankly amazing progress in terms of the software and overall functionality of our mobile devices. If you want a phone with a particularly strong camera, there’s plenty available to you, alternatively if you prefer a handheld device which is ideal for gaming, then there’s an abundance of phones available for you also. The options are endless.

Mobile gaming, a particular growing trend with users, is continually rising and the gaming options we have on our mobile phones are advancing all the time. From catching Pokemon whilst walking the dog in the park, to playing the hugely popular PUBG Mobile whilst commuting to work, the gaming options on our phones outdo some of the creations we previously saw on some of our old consoles.

With mobile gaming more popular than ever before, here are a few reasons as to why.

Easy to carry around

Unlike standard video games, which require you to be at home and dedicate a specific time of the day or night to play them, mobile games can be accessible at any time and can be played pretty much anywhere. Mobile phones are your first line of defence if you’re bored senseless on a commute to work or watching a dreadful movie. It has almost become a habit of many to finish off that tricky puzzle they started or attempt Ballon D’Or worthy skills on FIFA 19, and with accessibility to mobile games literally being at the touch of a button away, it comes as no surprise as to why growth in mobile gaming has been so huge.

Plenty of variety

Catching Pokemon on the train might be your preferred gaming choice, or maybe you’re a mobile casino gamer who enjoys various creations like those available at Mansion – the leading UK site to play live casino games like poker, blackjack or roulette, or, alternatively, perhaps playing the new Harry Potter game is more your bag. The gaming choices on offer are vast to say the least and attract all kinds of gamers. We’re spoilt really, aren’t we? Remember Snake on those old Nokia brick-like devices? It feels like centuries ago!

Mobile games are low-cost or free

When comparing the cost of mobile gaming to say gaming via a Playstation 4, the difference is massive. Most mobile games are entirely free and generally make their money through advertising, whereas some might be incredibly low-cost and require a small payment to give them a go. It’s simple to delve deep into your mobile app store and try out shedloads of free games until you find the game for you, or test out plenty of creations for a relatively low fee compared to purchasing, say, an Xbox release.

Fun, relaxing gaming

Ultimately, what really appeals when gaming on mobile phones is that the games on offer tend to be fun and relaxing. You don’t need a big, expensive console to play them, they don’t require a headset or a joystick and – on the whole – the games are entertaining to play, easy to grasp and provide hours of entertainment all whilst on the move or sitting on the sofa.

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