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Why The Comic Book Culture Should Never Die

May the gods of comic book land strike down any mind that dares to think that the world of comic books can die. But the reality is that there may soon be a day that we are only holding exhibitions in comic book stores. When all the comic books left are the items of serious collectors. And the artistry, social interaction associated with the comic book culture is gone.

But now more than ever there is a need for every member of society to really take up the cause of preserving comics. It is not only the artists, publishers and retailers that need to make sure that comic books are around for a long time. The entire world has to become interested stakeholders in the industry.

Why The Comic Book Industry Is So Important

One word says it all. READING.

We all need to remember that comics were a valuable asset in making kids want to read. As silly as it seemed at the time comics taught us, as well as entertained us. And it wasn’t just superhero comics we read, there was also the classics. Virtually every classic story was printed in comic form to appeal to young readers at one time or another, mostly under the banner Classics Illustrated. My personal favorites were the old magazine style Creepy and Eerie Comics as well as Mad Magazine.  I was always up for a good scare or a good laugh. The world although is fast adopting video as the preferred way to transmit information. This also applies on online casinos where people live-stream while playing games, for reviews about live poker streams you gotta check out Crazy Vegas first. This is a very commendable advancement in the human time line. There are several benefits that come with using video to communicate. Comics are slowly becoming the only material that younger readers have. Newspapers and other forms of print media are fast losing their appeal. As a result, these businesses are migrating online.

A Dumber Society

However, there are many people that are going to be affected by this as time moves on. The lack of reading material will result in generations that do not have full function of their minds. This is because every muscle that is not used eventually disappears. This is an evolutionary truth.

Therefore when people stop reading, just like online casino guides, a section of the human mind might just die off. But there are so many ideas about this. Some sections of the community believe that the human mind will continue to evolve to suit the needs of people. We would not stay up studying the subject, even as we take a break from comic book reading.

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