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Why we love music (And you should too)

Music is one a well spread means of entertainment that existed well before movies and sports. It have always been a way people express their feelings. Regardless of whether these feelings are feelings of joy or sadness. Music can be played at parties or funerals. It also has the ability to motivate people. Although sometimes it can influence people to do what is bad. These are some of the reasons why we love music and you should too.

Music videos and music shows are a major influence to the fashion trends of the time. When Kanye West or Beyoncé puts on a particular brand their fans will soon be spotting the same brands. Musicians and movie stars have contributed to the rise of some social media networks. This is because everyone wants to know where Ariana Grande was and what she was doing there. After Yo Gotti sang the song ‘DM’ there was an increase in sign-ups on Snapchat and Instagram. This clearly displays that music has a great effect on society.

Messages can easily be passed on with music as the medium. People can assimilate some of the messages from songs passively. This is easier when listening to music than when watching television. The King of Pop’s song ‘Black or white’ promoted the stopping racism within nations.

‘Poker face’ a song by Lady Gaga speaks about the thrills in a poker, a table casino game. In the first verse the lyrics “hold ‘em like the Texas plays, fold ‘em, let ‘em, hit em, raise it” promotes Texas Hold ‘em poker. Since music is very influential, a lot of listeners ended up trying the online casino game, visit online casinos Australia for more information.

This all shows that music is like the atmosphere we live under. It allows us to be capable of dealing with many problems regardless of any conditions. Acting like a cushion against emotionally hot or cold conditions. Try listening to music on a regular check see how much of a difference it will make in your life.

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