We all found out what one unexpected terrorist attack on 9/11 can do to change the World forever. Tighter security at airports and entry points, stricter regulations on what you can carry with you between Countries, more intense immigration screening, and it changed what was and still is the World’s longest undefended border, where you could freely pass without a passport and with just a smile and a wave on most days, to a paranoid version of it’s former glory.

Now we are facing an even more intense battle with something we can’t see. And it’s changed our lives.

And it too, now and in the aftermath, will greatly impact on travelling, immigration, border security, etc… just as 9/11 did. But, unlike 9/11, it will make a much more impact on home than anything before it.

For me, nothing dramatic has changed, sure I wash my hands more often, I don’t go out quite as often, and when I do go out I stay away from people as much as I can, and those I do come in close contact with, in an elevator or in a tight corridor, I turn my head away from them to avoid any flying debris that might come out of their mouths. But aside from simple precautions I’m not letting this situation alter my perspective.

I have to wonder though, how much the World we knew will change once this is all over.

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