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Here’s a windows trick for the lusers that keep complaining that every time they do anything the get an error. not enough system memory to process the command.

No Shit Shurlock, it’s because you’re running windows and haven’t shut down for over 987 hours.

Grab the shutdown.exe program out of the w2k (or above) resource kit. Copy it into the %systemroot%/system32 folder. In the same folder create a batch file named reboot.bat with the following

shutdown /L /R /Y /C

Now set an AT command to run the thing every day at midnight.

Now create a shortcut on your desktop pointing to \\stupidusercomputer\…\reboot.bat.

Name the shortcut Dumbass.

Next time the user calls, Don’t just say it, double click it!

Have a nice day – NOT

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