Now, granted, the title is a little misleading because this article is not just about the movie Wonder Woman, or even mostly about it, but rather about the 2017 crop of disappointments we’ve had so far this year. And what a crop of disappointments we have had.

I always take what the critics say with a grain of salt, if they pan a movie, that, to me, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth watching.  There’s lots of movies I’ve liked that critics told me that weren’t any good, and there’s lot’s of movies I’ve liked that never even crossed their path or made it onto their radar.  Low budget films like Treed Murray, is an excellent example of a very good movie that went completely over-looked by critics.

So…having said all that…

Wonder Woman was hailed by critics, while The Mummy was mostly panned. They both were, in my opinion, a bitter disappointment. My estimation on how good a movie is has a different criteria than critics, to me it doesn’t matter how well a movie does at the box office, or it’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes, or anything else but…would I watch it again, and how often.

I could easily watch GoodFellas, or Logan, or Get Out, or Full Metal Jacket, 3 or 4 times a year and still enjoy it. I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy about 6 times since it came out and I could pop it into my BlueRay player again and still come away with an enjoyable experience. That, to me, is the real definition of a great movie. I doubt I’ll be re-watching Wonder Woman or The Mummy anytime soon.

In fact, so far, 2017 has been a major disappointment. Of the blockbuster hits I can probably count no more than 5 or 6 that I would even bother to watch again anytime soon. So…I’ll be searching for those low budget gems that never cross the critics radar, and I’m sure I’ll find several that will meet my criteria of a great movie.

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