Anyone who uses WordPress knows the variety of plugins that are available on the Web and at

Every Tom Dick and Harry seems to be into creating them. But…you have to be careful. In many cases the problems people encounter with their sites is directly related to the plugins they install. It could be one plugin causing you grief, or multiple plugins. Any time you are experiencing an issue on your site ( when the cause isn’t obvious ) you should disable each plugin, one by one, and refresh after each one, to make sure they are not causing the issue. If one is causing the issue you’ll find out which one and then be able to sort it out. Either by yourself, or by finding a better and more compatible plugin, or by using the help resources available to you.

When choosing a plugin you should never just pick something because it looks cool, or because it’s popular, or because someone recommended it to you, or because you think you need it. You should check it out.

Checking out a plugin can save you a World of Headache. On the WordPress Plugin page you can sometimes see reviews, how many say it works, how many say it’s broken, and whether or not it’s compatible. Reviews on plugins can also be found over the Net. Check them out…it only takes a few minutes, and could save you hours of torment.

Also you want to know how easy it is to get rid of. This is far more important than how difficult it is to install. If you can’t just deactivate it then you have to ask yourself ‘ if something does go wrong is this going to be worth it? ‘. You preferably want plugins that you can deactivate with a single click, and delete without incident.

To summarize…before you upload and activate that plugin…do some research. Check it out. Waste a few minutes of your time now, to avoid wasting hours of your life later.

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