When considering building a site you need to decide what best suits your needs. WordPress is a great platform for those who like to have a social-type regularly updated site. It can be set up right out of the box. And can be modified easily to suit your needs with the extensive amount of plugins and widgets readily available. Add a great theme and the ability to customize it is virtually endless.

The problem with WordPress is it needs to be maintained fairly regularly. Security is always an issue, especially if you use a lot of third-party plugins. And it needs to be updated on a regular basis or it quickly starts to look abandoned.

A lot of people opt for a WordPress site when they really don’t need one. There are literally 10’s of thousands of WordPress blogs out there that would be better off as a HTML website.

An HTML website is basically a set up and forget it site. Once you build it, that’s all you really need to do. Occasionally go in and make whatever changes you’d like, or create a new page. Which is perfect for people just looking to show off their family pictures, sell their skills, free product downloads, or share information on virtually any topic.

The beauty of a HTML website is it’s extremely low-maintenance, and it’s requirement of virtually no updating. It doesn’t even require a database.

For instance TheTAZZone.com is a WordPress blog…I realize it may not look like a blog, and it’s even been refused inclusion in some blog directories because it doesn’t look like your standard blog ( I have actually had some blog directory owners argue with me about this ), but it is a blog. And as a blog it requires 100’s of hours of work every year to maintain.

Whereas TheGamesZone.org is a standard HTML website. And my total commitment to maintaining it ( after development ) is probably a couple hours a year. No database, virtually no maintenance, and virtually no updating.

Now you’re probably wondering, because you’ve been fed the idea that you need fresh new content constantly to remain high in searches….how well does TheGamesZone.org rank? Well on a search of the term ‘ The Game Zone ‘ it comes up on the 1st page, 9th place, of 248,000,000 results. So considering that it’s been up for a few years, with no major changes, and no updates, it’s ranking very well. It’s not regular updating that gets you high in search results…but quality content.

When considering your options you need to know what it is that you need, and how much time you have, or are willing, to invest.

If you want to start a site about, for instance, African Wildlife, or DC Comics, or Electrical Engineering, you’re probably better off having a basic HTML website.

But if you’re dead set on having a WordPress blog, then be prepared to maintain it and update it often.

If you need help, setting up a WordPress blog, or an HTML website you can leave a comment here and I will get back to you. Prices are negotiable.

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