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In the last days of a dying world, those chosen few that remain to wander amongst the indistinguishable faces of their friends and family, the ruins of three thousand years of science and technology, are crippled at the sight of the multitude of rats scavaging the remains piled along the City streets.

The total number of survivors numbered only thirty-thousand. Thirty-thousand out of a total population of over four billion. The smell of rotting flesh felt as though it consumed the very spirit of what was left alive. Nothing will ever be the same. The fire still ravaging the last remaining structures of civilization, smoke gushing out of the sewers in heaps, clouding and smothering all who dared come close. The wind blew along the dark, uninviting streets in an eerie silence that echoed the sounds of the screams and gasps of those reaching out for their last dying breath.

No one knew it was coming, so how could anyone prepare for it’s inevitability. Sure some speculated about the slight possibility, others brushed it off as paranoia, or a hoax; but it wasn’t a hoax. The charred remains are a testament to that fact. Just yesterday people were wandering about their day, seemingly without a care in the world, now that world is gone, just a memory of it’s former glory.

Like a whirlwind it rode in and took everyone by surprise. Darkness fell upon us like never before since the dawn of man, and in the darkness all one could see was misery. Like being in a horror film, only it wasn’t, this time it was real. The screams and the silence were both deafening, and I’m not sure which was worse. With buildings still collasping around me I gaze upon life, or what was left of it, and realize the state of our existence has become surreal as I look upon the devastation.

Dogs, lots of dogs, apparently they made it, somehow; in packs they tear at the flesh, ravaging the bodies, as if nature reclaimed them. Luckily they seem to have no interest in us, the living; only the dead, and soon to be dead seem to intoxicate them.

The bodies, the bodies, they seem to be everywhere, as far as the eye can see, covered in their own blood and the blood of those around them. I see a few survivors off in the distance, staggering around as if in a daze, barely able to stand from the looks of it. I wonder to myself if they’ll make it though to tomorrow. A few hours later I manage to find shelter in the only building around that managed to escape the destruction, amazingly it was an abandoned building probably marked for demolition. The floors creak but seem sturdy, sturdy enough to carry my weight, but not much more. I climb to the highest floor, the fourth floor, and look out the broken window to survey the area from above. And I regret it.

Screenplay by: TheTAZZone: Egaladeist

Characters: Daniel, cabbie, pedestrian, girlfriend-Pamela, boss-Frank, delivery guy-Bob,  Sonia-samaritan,

Date: August 15th,2010

The movie begins by fading-in to see Daniel looking out the window of the abandoned building, surveying the destruction. The streets are lined with bodies and packs of dogs. Some people are still barely alive gasping and reaching out for help. Smoke gushes out the sewers. Several buildings are still in flames. The look upon   Daniel’s face is utter astonishment, as he can’t believe what has happened. He momentarily looks at his hands, dirty and covered in blood. He then turns, with his head slightly downward in disbelief. And he catches a brief glimpse of a silhouette of a figure standing in the doorway.

The movie fades-out-into a street scene from three days earlier.

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  1. You are a wonderful writer and I hope you continue with this one. Your vivid imagination will carry you far. Daniel is already an interesting character. I’ll be back for more….

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