I’m thinking about building a website and forum, dedicated to music, on my oldieszone domain, but before I go through everything that would require being done I was wondering what kind of response it would receive.

I tried this once before, awhile ago, and it didn’t work out as well as expected. There was some interest, but not enough to keep it going. It was called TwitBlip ( a meeting place for Twitters and Blippers to get together for conversations that require more than 140 characters ). Bought the domains twitblip.com net and org, set up the forum, and invited people to come. At the time I thought it was a great concept, seeing as our ability to have a real conversation on Twitter and Blip is very limited. Sometimes having to spread a thought over several blips or tweets gets annoying real fast. So a forum community seemed to be the perfect solution for those who wanted to make friends, talk, get to know each other better, outside of the limitation of a set amount of characters.

This time I’d like to build it around both a community and music, by not only having a forum but also a website where people can post their opinions, videos, reviews, rants, etc…regular columnists, like a online music news network.

Looking for feedback on this idea…please post a comment, or tell me your opinion on Blip or Facebook.

TheTAZZone on Blip

TheTAZZone on Facebook

If I build it…will they come? 😀

Peace n’ love Babies!





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2 thoughts on “Would you join a music forum?”
  1. Thanks Scott! And you’re right. Most attempts are going to fail, especially in this age where short quirks on character restricted social networking sites have replaced the conversational format of a forum community.

    I actually prefer the forum concept. To me it’s the difference between passing someone on the street and having a very limited conversation as you rush off someplace, and inviting the person to join you for a coffee at the local cafe’.

    But, you’re right, it’s a very hard sell, forum communities are dying because of the faster, ‘ hi ‘ ‘ bye ‘ paced, social networking sites.

    That’s primarily why I’m asking about how much interest there would be, before I commit to the work to getting it done.

  2. Love the concept, but as I’m sure you’re quite aware, it’s been attempted many times in the past via several FB groups and a gazillion or so ning.com sites… Nonetheless, I say more power to you! If you can come up with a design that’ll lure the masses, I’m all for it and will be the 1st to join!

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