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Would You like to be a Regular Contributor on TAZ?

TAZ is looking for 4 to 6 people to contribute articles to our site. They can be on virtually any topic you want…but, we’d prefer original tutorials on Computers, Computer Security, Computer Troubleshooting; or news and personal opinion pieces.

The articles must be yours…original…and posted in full here at TAZ. You cannot submit ‘ excerpts ‘ , however, if you have a website, or blog, you can link back to your homepage  in your articles.

TAZ is one of the most popular computer tutorial sites on the Internet, 100’s of thousands of visitors come to read our tutorials here, in our tutorial subs, and in our ‘ ad-free ‘ forum.

TAZ is also the largest non-commercial arcade site on the Internet with over 1000 games to play all ‘ ad-free ‘ and ‘ full-screen ‘. With 10 ‘ dedicated ‘ game blogs containing 960 games which can be found on our sidebar or in our navigation menu, as well as several games right here.

TAZ is 5 years old and was, at one time, a website…which was converted and then re-designed into a blog in about Jan-Feb last year. So the total ‘ views ‘ you see on this site are only reflective of the last year…and not the 4 previous years of it’s existence. One tutorial alone in our forum has had over a million views.

This would be a great opportunity for you to expand your reader base by posting articles and tutorials on TAZ.

If you are interested you can leave a comment below, remember to include your e-mail address in the address field and I will contact you, or how to reach you if you would prefer to be contacted in another way…via Twitter, Blip, or some other means.

Note: You cannot self-register on TAZ. Registration is closed. The only way to become a registered member here is to contact us by leaving a comment, and we will consider your request.

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