My daughter, who is more breaking news then I am, told me about this the other day. A few dead, several confirmed infected, not a huge story to me, I’ve lived long enough to know this happens often over the course of ones life. It’s not the plague, it’s not going to kill off a whole generation worth of people. Of course this horrifies my daughter, not the virus but my attitude. Did I forget to mention she’s a lot more caring and sympathetic than I am. Like the guy who has a video out who is in self-imposed exile in Wuhan talking about what’s happening I’m more rational and cerebral about this than emotional.

What does concern me however is stories like coming from the New York Times ( on a side note as per that same article cases have risen to 213 dead and 9,800 confirmed affected ) about ” anti-Chinese sentiment ”. Seriously? Have we learned nothing from our past about how easily paranoia spreads and how easily fear and paranoia can beget internment camps?

”The rapid spread of the coronavirus has unleashed a wave of panic and, in some cases, outright anti-Chinese sentiment across the globe. ”

This has more to do with the spreading of fear and paranoia than the Chinese population. China is doing everything they can to contain the virus. And, as per YouTube guy, China has a very good system in place to keep things sanitary, even before the outbreak. So the visions some people have of garbage lined streets similar to England during the Black Plague are grossly unfounded in fact.

The fact is, people die, and a new virus kills fewer people than things we deal with on a day to day basis. As an example per there are 1.25 million people killed Internationally each year in auto related accidents, 3,287 deaths each day. Will that prevent you from going outside, driving your car, or getting into a vehicle to go someplace? No. Should we intern the makers of automobiles as they are a major cause of death and human suffering? No.

Fact is, there are lots of ways to die even if you never catch a Sars or Corona Virus. And chances are you’re more likely to die driving to work than ever dying from a new virus outbreak. So, leave the mask and the paranoia at home, jump in that mini-van and go for a drive.

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