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xeno1 A very cool game, the only drawback to this game is it’s not long enough, by the time you’re done you’re wanting more. You’re in something akin to an Arena, not sure if the game maker intended it to be that way, because the game has the ambiance of being on a ship or a space station, but the walls and the layout look like an arena. xeno2a The gist of the game is to kill aliens without being killed in the process. You start off with 3 soldiers, then pick up 2 more along the way. You can upgrade weapons, add medic kits, and blow up large groups of aliens with a grenade launcher. xeno3 All-in-all I would give this game 4 stars out of 5, only because , as I said earlier, it’s not long enough; and the last level ends when you hit 20 rounds which doesn’t give you enough time to kill everything and blow up all the sewers. Which kinda sucks because I don’t like to leave anything alive. As far as low-end online arcade games go, this is one of the best on the Net.

UPDATE: I did manage, after all, to blow all the sewers by level 18 and kill everything by level 19

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