This is, or should I say, was, one of my Top 10 most anticipated DVD/Blu-ray buys of 2021. Originally purchased in April but it never arrived, had to reorder from someone else in June, which was not a good start. I did however get a refund on my first purchase, and the second purchase did arrive in fairly good time.  For all the hype surrounding this release, and the amazing trailers that were put up, I was expecting a much better version than the original release.

But, what I received was not even close to expectations.

For all the good the extra footage did, and for all the alternative sequences that were added, they could have just as easily added them to the original release as, of course, ‘ deleted scenes ‘ and ‘ alternative sequences ‘. It looks like they tried to make it more serious by removing some of the funnier moments of the original, which I personally thought gave the original most of it’s charm. About the only benefits to the new version was the more ominous look of Steppenwolf and the addition of Darkseid. The movie itself was oddly put together like they tried to add sequences that weren’t in the original without even trying to make them seamless.

All-in-all I was bitterly disappointed. The four hour version was as good over-all as the original, but not better. And my expectations were that it would be not just better but significantly better, and that’s where the disappointment lies. Not that it wasn’t a good movie, not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I was expecting so much more, and it didn’t live up to those expectations.

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