Who doesn’t love horses? They have been a domesticated part of our life for around 6000 years. We’ve used horses for sport, travel, entertainment, farm work, police work, ranch work, and even for therapy. We are still in awe every time we see a wild horse, or even a domesticated horse running in an open field. Conjuring up images in our mind of freedom.

A common misconception is that horses live about the same age as dogs. actually the average lifespan of a domesticated horse is about 25 to 30 years. One horse, Old Billy, that pulled barges up and down canals, actually lived to the ripe old age of 62. We probably get the notion that horses have short life spans from the fact we retire race horses at a young age. Equivalent to us retiring at the age of 30.  Even on the farm I worked on as a young man we weren’t allowed to ride the horses that were over the age of 11 years.

There are more than 300 different breeds of horses today. Bred for looks, for work, for racing, and a variety of other tasks. And more than 60,000,000 horses throughout the World.

Betting on racehorses always fascinated me. I love going to the track to watch them run. It was one of my favorite things to do. I don’t get many chances now, but it’s still one the best experiences of my life. And not everyone goes to the track to bet, some just go for the fun, have a couple drinks, eat a meal, and enjoy the show. If you do bet I recommend leaving your credit cards and bank cards at home and just take what cash you can afford to lose. Otherwise a fun night out could turn into a disaster.

( images courtesy of horse-canada.com and mnn.com )

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