Awwwwww, the poor, destitute, Evander Kane. Needs to file for bankruptcy because he hasn’t made enough money to cover his gambling debts and other extravagancies. How is it possible we can’t feel sorry for, or have our hearts go out to, a 29 year old man who’s made over $53 million in his short career, who can’t live within his means. Like seriously, how can we expect anyone to live on only $53 million dollars, especially a young man just starting out in life?

And not only was $53 million not enough, he somehow accumulated another $27 million in debt over and above the $53 million.

Granted he does list seven dependents living with him whom he supports. So one can kinda see how $53 million spread over a family unit of eight people might put a major strain on the pocketbook. After all, if we were to evenly split it over eight people, that’s only $6,625,000 each. Almost an impossible figure for anyone to live on in just a few years.

Boo Hoo Evander Kane! I’m crying every night for you n’ yours and the horrible living conditions you are forced to live under on only $53 million. OOPS! Sorry, my bad, $80 million, let’s not forget that $27 million in debt.

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