When you’re younger ‘ livin’ on the edge ‘ has a whole different meaning than when you’re older. When I was younger, well much younger, you almost felt invincible, like you could race a train over a 60 foot high trestle ( and we actually did that ). The train would always toot it’s whistle just before it turned the bend about a mile off, and we would stand at the far end of the trestle waiting for that signal to start running. The trestle itself was about an eighth mile long, about 600 or so feet from end to end, and we ran it. Sometimes we wouldn’t make it and would have to hang off the the side while the train passed. It’s amazing none of us ever fell the 60 feet to the rocky river below.

Nowadays ‘ livin’ on the edge ‘ has a much gentler meaning, with much less physically demanding attributes. My daughter is a gamer, loves games, loves to watch games, loves to play games. And I’ll probably never understand the attraction of watching someone play a game on YouTube, but a lot of kids do. Occasionally I do dabble with online gaming and casino video slot games, it’s a low risk venture with it’s own set of rewards. Kind of like a good night out without ever leaving home.

Inside there’s still the younger version of myself that wants to race a train, but then reality sets in and you realize the train would always win. You’re just not as fast as you were then, not as bold, without the will and determination that you can beat the train. You’re older now, too old to play the types of games meant for when you were young. But memories, well they live forever.

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