Video games should be accessible to have a smooth human-computer interaction. There are
different gaming products such as board games and tabletop RPGs. Many people like signing
up in MrQ to wager on different markets. Video games have a wide array of applications
such as education, entertainment and rehabilitation. We present to you three tools which make video games more accessible with the Xbox.

1. Xbox One Wireless Controller
Install the Xbox Accessories application to set the Xbox Wireless Controller. It is available in
Xbox One Console, Xbox One X and Xbox One S. The controller comes with a tiny button
for configuration. There are two main methods to adjust the buttons. First, you can select it
using the controller’s dropdown menu. Choose a specific button and remap it. Hold the button
you need to adjust and press the one you want it to resemble.
Normally, the controller’s image shows its configuration. You could see the new setting by
changing several buttons. There won’t be any changes if the controller is applying its default
settings. The Xbox app displays all Xbox controllers that you have connected.

2. Xbox Adaptive Controller
Initially, Xbox Adaptive Controller wasn’t a major project in Microsoft. It is suitable for
impaired game developers. The device has 19 jacks and two programmable buttons that you
can connect to different gaming accessories. Currently, the U.S. Department of Veteran
Affairs and Microsoft are collaborating to supply the Adaptive Controllers in 22
rehabilitation facilities. They will help senior citizens with low mobility.
The Xbox Controller is useful in rehabilitation and therapy sessions for the elderly. It
improves their hand-eye coordination, social activities and muscle activation.

3. Accessibility API
API refers to codes which game developers use in gaming software. Any Xbox developer can
access Accessibility API. It allows you to have a text to voice chat. The chat box is visible in
PC video games. It allows you to type messages using chatpad or through talking. Voice to
Text chats is appropriate for users with hearing impairments. It enables them to participate in
multi-player games. However, API should be standardized to help users who cannot talk
while playing. Game developers can allow a user to read the menu text for blind players.
Each video games need good subtitles and adjustable controls to be accessible to many
people. It is crucial for game developers to seek feedback from users with impairments. Also,
you can check out certain websites to increase the accessibility of an online game.
Alternatively, you can use Accessibility API or an Xbox One Wireless Controller.

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