Pretty Tuff is somewhat a play on words because both these girls are extremely tough and very pretty. And anyone who saw these girls go toe-to-toe back in December 2015 can vouch for how strong Rose is and how tough and resilient Paige is. Rose had Paige in so many submission attempts and she kept finding a way to slip n’ survive. At one time I thought Rose was going to tear Paige’s arm in two she had it bent so far back that most men would have tapped. Beaten and bloody Paige kept getting away and kept coming forward.  But at 2:25 of the 5th round Rose finally got her in a rear naked choke and that was the end of it. But what a battle.  I think personally that fight was the defining moment of both their careers.  Rose proved she is worthy to be called one of the strongest and toughest opponents anyone could ever face, and Paige proved beyond any doubt that she can be rag dolled, beaten, bloodied, and has that Keep coming / Never Say Die attitude that MMA fans , and fight fans in general, love about this sport.

Both these girls could have taken a much easier road in life, they are both pretty enough to be models, in fact after the fight game I’m sure they will get a lot of offers to do just that. Paige has already done some, and Rose, the very focused and dedicated fighter that she is, who cut off her hair because it was getting in her way, I’m sure will get her fair share too.

You have to wonder what makes a girl, or even a man for that matter, choose a profession that allows them the chance of being brutalized by someone. These are not all ghetto or trailer park trash, who grew up on some mean streets in some horrible neighborhood, some fighters are very smart, Rich Franklin was a math teacher. So what makes these girls want to fight, maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe all that does matter is they love it, they endure it, they train extensively for it, and we love that they do.


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