OK…you’ve got a great idea…you planned it out…you purchased a domain…and you’ve built your website…and it looks good…

so why aren’t you getting millions of viewers coming every day to see your great website? Why isn’t it like those TV ADs where someone throws up their website and they look at the stats and the numbers start flying by…within minutes they have thousands of viewers?


Because that’s TV and this is real…

the fact is, if you don’t have media or other internet connections, or lots of dough to throw into advertising, getting your website known is going to take two things:

1. time

2. a lot of hard work

Sure, if you know someone at FOX who can plug your site, or can spend thousands of dollars on advertising, or know someone at a page rank 8 or better site who can link and help promote your site…it’ll be a whole lot easier…

but, if those don’t apply to you…

then get ready to bust your ass…because that’s the only way you’re going to get anywhere.

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