TAZ Games

These are the games presently on TheTAZZone.com ( more might have been, or may be, added and may not be yet listed here ). This list does not include the 960 games available on our 10 Dedicated Game Blogs which can be found listed here.

Unlike other sites that have games we don’t surround our games with ADs, no accidental clicks, no distractions, no flashing, blinking, crap to interfere with your game…it’s just You…and the Game. If you find a game that isn’t working please post a comment on that game page.

TAZ Games ( 121 games )

Escape from Hell Towers


Black Navy War 2


Defence 2

F18 Strike Force

A Tank Named Grizzly

Crusader Tank


Police Investigation

Galactic Colonization


Alien: Little Ogee

Prison Break

Sea of Fire 2

Darkbase Incubation

Justin Bieber Shootout



Tanks v2

Be an Air-Traffic Controller

The Professionals

Territory War

The Last Stand

One Soldier

Russian Affairs

Resident Evil Apocalypse

Autumn War

StickmanSam 1

Stickman Sam 2

Stickman Sam 3

Stickman Sam 4

Stickman Madness

Stickman Madness 2

Medieval Battle 9


Icescape 2


Johnny Rocket Fingers

Johnny Rocket Fingers 2

Kill Bill

Thing Thing

Thing Thing 2

Thing Thing 3

Thing-Thing 4

Thing Thing Arena

Thing Thing Arena 2

Kangaroo Jack


Bot Arena 3

Blot goes to Hell


Alias 2

Alias 3

Canyon Glider

Street Burglar

Rhetundo Island

Capoeira Fighter

Zombie Rampage


Zombie Storm

3 Foot Ninja

3 Foot Ninja 2

Dead of Night

Nobuyuki Forces Three

Dead Frontier Night One

Dead Frontier Night Two

Dead Frontier Night Three

Sea Scape


Boxhead 2 Play

Boxhead Rooms

Boxhead More Rooms

3D Tanks

Battlefield 2

Call of Duty 2


Battle Royale

Final Survival

Get the Guy through the Blocks



Stalingrad 2

Special Ops Game

Assault 1

Assault 2

Assault 3

Assault 4

Assault 5

Battle over Berlin



D-Day in Normandy

The Commanders Sister

Xeno Tactic

AMG Drift Revolution

Torture Chamber 2

Flash Trek Assault

Zap in Space

Elite Forces Defense

Prison Escape 2

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones In Odd World

Weird Fighters



World War 1 : In the trenches


Impossible Quiz 2

The Idiot Test 4

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Horror Quiz: Test your Knowledge

Virtual Knee Surgery


Gorilla Band

Fight Club

Tactic Score

Barb Jump

Fleabag vs Mutt

Stone Breaker

Destroy the Computer


Flash Videos ( 14 flash videos )

Shrek Belch

Dumbass Fish

From my Room

Doggy: Push Button

Nuts to You

Hurricane Report

Non-Holiday Special

History of Religion

What’s Love

Steven Segal

Groundhog Day

Barf ( aka Puke, Spew, Chuck, Up-chuck, etc… )

Cheney’s got a Gun

Bunny Kill

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