Our forum was created on December 24th, 2005. And at the time of this writing is in it’s 7th year of existence. Originally it began on a series of blogs…primarily the blog ‘ The Anti-lounge ‘. It was the brainchild of Foxyloxley ( DaFox ), Dinowuff ( dino ), Aspman, Relyt, Jinxy ( jinxyjeanes ), Debs, Cemetric, catch, THE Doctor ( und3rtak3r ), konijntje ( mg32 ), Belgica  , and Egaladeist. All of whom joined and  participated on those original blogs. The names in brackets were their handles on the original blogs.

How we got together was a mutual dis-satisfaction of the way a site we participated on together was heading . And we , as a result, congregated on our own blogs in August 2005, and then created our own forum 4 months later.

There is no doubt that DaFoxx ( he added an ‘ x ‘ ) was the primary force behind the exodus of members from the site we were on to our own TAZforum, and the main forum administrator.  Shipp ( also known as Shippwreck ) became our first database administrator and helped immensely with the forum. Harry ( previously known by another name…shhhhhhh, we can’t tell 😀 ) came along a few months later and populated our site with tutorials that drove most of the original traffic. And everyone else helped in their own way here and there.

Within the first year we populated the site with over 52,000 posts. Unfortunately, we started the forum at the time that social networking sites were just getting ready to over-throw forum communities. And, as a result, we’ve seen a regular decline in attendance and posting.

But we’re still here! And so why not join up!

( first image – how it looked in March 2006…second image – how it looks now )