The year 2020 was one of those years that made us panic because of the global pandemic and we were all required to stay indoors. Well, to some people this was a massive advantage as most people get to enjoy playing video games at home.

Now we are in 2021, the good news is that, some of the restrictions have been relaxed and most people are now out and about with their businesses. At the same time it’s not surprising that we are witnessing some great video games coming into play.

On that note, we are going to share with you some of the most anticipated video games in 2021.

Super Mario 3D World + Browser’s Fury

At this moment, it’s not clear if Super Mario 3D is going to be showing on our screens this year but we are definitely sure about real money casinos online. Super Mario 3D is a glorified version of the Super Mario of 2013 that went viral and became the most played video game that time. From the looks of things, this game is likely to come with some massive packages that will keep you glued and entertaining gameplay.

Bravely Default II

RPGs have come a long way from the tactical team gameplay of Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem on the NES and SNES. Fortunately, the Bravely Default series is accessible if you’re searching for anything modern yet nostalgic. Bravely Default, is a collaboration between Square Enix and Nintendo, is undoubtedly one of the most polished games ever made.

Monster Hunter Rise

Consider a game that is almost entirely comprised of epic boss battles. Monster Hunt Rise is a game that comes with some brilliant features. This Nintendo Switch game come with some good graphics and it will make you engage with other players since you are able to play online just like how you play online casino games at sites like crazyvegas casino. Remember to always gamble responsibly.

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